Air Race : Porto coverage from Channel 4

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Better late than never, I suppose (almost 2 months after the race !!), but today’s Channel 4 coverage of Round 7 of the Red Bull Air Race from Porto was much improved. At last some in-depth insight into the technical side of the sport. Sadly, Britain’s Paul Bonhomme suffered from the new over-G rules and was disqualified from his 3rd place in qualifying – Paul was the most vocal critic of the new rules. The pilots are required to keep below 12G in all manoeuvres as a result of concerns from the airframe manufacturers. Paul was suspected of exceeding the limits and a post-session download proved this. Further ignominy came when Ivanoff beat him for a consolation point, leaving storming Hannes Arch to win the event and take the championship lead.

Paul is 9 points behind Hannes going to the final round in Perth, with the USA’s Kirby Chambliss and Mike Mangold 1 and 2 points respectively behind him. With the standings this close then the Brit will need to fly his socks off and hope the Austrian has a bad weekend. Live coverage will be available directly from the Red Bull Air Race website on the day. Channel 4 won’t be airing it until 8th November !!

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