Apple releases the sporty edition – iPhone 3G S is out

iPhone 3G S vs iPhone 3G
Image by Ben Dodson via Flickr

An updated iPhone 3G got to the shops yesterday – the iPhone 3G S – and the queues at the O2 stores in London demonstrate that Apple continue to grab the imagination and wallets of technology fans. The queue at the O2 store in Moorgate, for example, was not simply a gaggle of geeks, though. A real mix of ages, both men and women, and including people tapping away on their existing iPhone suggests that people are still prepared to splash out just to get the latest-and-greatest.

Certainly, its a great device. The latest operating system upgrade (3.0) also brings some interesting improvements to those of us with the original version. Very welcome is the cut-and-paste capability but the top feature is the internet tethering. Now the benefits of the all-you-can-eat mobile internet package in the UK can be enjoyed on the laptop. Good stuff.

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