Banged Up And Still Comes The Bullshit

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At last ! A real result in the MP Expenses scandal with the news that former MP, David Chaytor, will now be trying to avoid having to bend down to pick up the soap for 18 months at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Of course, this shining example of a true public servant could well be freed as early as May, but it is a welcome result even so. The “Brass-Necked-Lawyer Award” must surely go to Chaytor’s defence barrister, James Sturman QC, who suggested that the blatant fraud committed by his client was actually the result of genuine mistakes and “inexplicable stupidity”. The BBC reported him as saying:
“We submit that the sums he received, if he had gone about it transparently, honestly and frankly, he would have been entitled to every penny, if not more than he claimed”.
A strong defence indeed, had it not been for the documents Cheating Chaytor forged to obtain money from the Crown by deception. Mr. Justice Saunders did the public a favour by sending this greedy muppet down.
Yet, still people are asking if a custodial sentence was warranted. Political blogger Iain Dale was due to discuss the point on his LBC show tonight. I did not catch the show but some replies to his tweeting have asked whether Chaytor was made a scapegoat ?!  Obviously they have not read the court transcripts or heard any of the evidence. I, for one, am delighted that the first real prosecution for “false accounting” following the Expenses Scandal has resulted in jail time for the greedy bugger concerned.