BBC Newsnight – Trafigura, Carter Ruck, Minton and Free Speech

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Thanks to political blogger Iain Dale, who twittered the latest on the Trafigura saga. The New Statesman reports that the BBC have apparently pulled all reference from their website to their Newsnight piece on freedom of speech and the Minton Report in response to pressure from lawyers, Carter Ruck.

Worthy of a look. The material includes Paxman interviewing Mark Stephens – a ‘media lawyer’ and a Trustee of the Index On Censorship – alongside Matthew Nicklin – a barrister specialising in media cases. I am not sure what prompted the BBC’s latest timidity but I do hope this story rebounds back into the limelight so the shameful practice of limiting reporting of parliamentary affairs (let alone genuine, global public interest stories) is stopped. Trafigura must be rueing the retention of Carter Ruck with their rather extreme tactics pushing the polluting petroleum producer back into the media – assisted by Britain’s antique libel laws (i.e. old, quaint, useless and very expensive).

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