Brundle to trundle to the Beeb

Blaming Max Mosley.
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….but not if the bully boys at the FIA have their way.

Interesting news that Martin Brundle has been picked up by the BBC to join the commentary team when they handle F1 coverage next season. So much more fascinating is the report that the FIA is ‘unhappy‘ about it. Indeed, they are actively lobbying the BBC about his appointment. What the HELL has it got to do with them ?

Well, apparently they are still miffed about Brundle’s reporting on the FIA handling of the McLaren spying affair, and accusations of bias (see his follow up here). Charles Sale of the UK Daily Mail reported the lobbying by Max Mosley’s on-site race man, Alan Donnelly, of the BBC management to prevent Brundle joining them when ITV loses the franchise at the end of 2008.

I am not blindly defending McLaren here – they were naughty and got punished. I am actually not a huge fan of Martin’s either (not so keen on his commentary) but full marks for the way he has spoken out against the poor stewardship of the sport by its governing body. The fact that the idiots at the FIA resort to these games simply reinforces the view of their collective insecurity. And to think I defended Mosley’s right to privacy. Muppets !

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