Byford, Bloody Politicians and the BNP

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The appearance of Nick Griffin on Thursday’s Question Time has generated predictable criticism of the BBC. Amongst others, this includes politicians using indignation to deflect attention from the fact that they alone are responsible for the reported 22% support for the loathsome BNP in some parts of the UK. Griffin’s performance was suitably naive and nasty, albeit toned-down, all part of his masterplan to make the BNP acceptable and electable.


Before analysing him and his party, it is worth getting annoyed about the smug way in which many politicians bask in the derision of the BNP without recognising the cause of the rise of this group of thugs. Politicians have let down the public in this country – and continue to do so – forcing people to seek an outlet or agent who can respond to their feelings of betrayal. This is not a racist issue, yet it is convenient for people like Jack Straw to allow that argument to obscure the underlying sense of disgust from ordinary voters towards their elected representatives. Take immigration: Baroness Warsi was at least coherent in defining the issue as one of resources – can Britain continue to support a major jump of 10 – 15% in its population ? Until the Tory peer said this, no party would have had the guts to say that immigration is ‘bad’, for fear of being labelled racist. Indeed, some incredible reports suggest that the high levels of immigration to the UK in recent years is actually considered and secret Labour policy. Whether true or not, such reports do nothing for establishing trust in one’s ‘leaders’.


Consider next the House of Commons’ own attempts to clean up. Sir Nicholas Legg’s actions as part of an attempt to clean up the MP Expenses row are largely discredited. Whilst he has been described as applying rules ‘retrospectively’, there seems to be no coherent set of expenses rules actually published. What he did was to apply a set of ‘moral’ rules with little consistency. As a result, the expenses issue remains, whilst the main party leaders try to avoid the topic and wish it would just quietly go away. Failure to tackle this issue quickly means that – to us – MPs are a race apart from mere mortals. Being a politician is a jolly, not an obligation. All of which will be used by an otherwise corrupt and hungry BNP to distance themselves morally from the mainstream parties.


Mark Byford, Director-General of the BBC, rightly defended Griffin’s inclusion on the programme. The fact that all attention now is put on analysing the BBC and not the BNP is a disgrace perpetuated by the newspapers, politicians and commentators. It is missing the point and works to the benefit of Griffin and his cohorts. There can be no doubt that the BNP actually stand for getting themselves into power – nothing more tangible than that. If hatred and group-manipulation are what it takes to achieve recognition, then those are the ‘policies’ that Griffin will espouse. All this criticism of others merely removes scrutiny of what this band of thugs says and what they do.

A Lesson From History

It is easy to compare the BNP to the Nazis, and it is a typical post-National Front epithet for a group such as this. Griffin is many things but not a complete imbecile. His game is power and his performance on Question Time a wonderful view into the mindset of – not only the man but – his group. Hitler and the German National Socialists had similar levels of support when he too adopted the tactic of reasonable, rational and reckoned heightening of the concerns of ordinary people. Hitler had his scapegoat – the Jews – so it will be interesting to see who the BNP actually fix upon as the real cause of Britain’s woes (that Griffin and the BNP can, of course, salve and save). The joke is that, with this type of politician, it will be a group that most effectively stoke up the worries of Griffin’s constituency. By this I mean that it could be white, middle class ‘ruling elite’ (i.e politicians) whom Griffin selects as the nigger-in-the-woodpile (and I use that dreadful term consciously). Whoever they select to vilify, it will obscure the fact that it is minorities, politics and ultimately freedom that will suffer should these cretins manage to convince an increasing number of us that they are the only choice. Is that likely ? I think not. My point is that it is career politicians of whatever party to whom we should turn to make these nutters fade away.

The Blame Game

It is the self-serving, egotistical and frankly arrogant inactions of the mainstream politicians that permits such Parties-of-Discontent to foster. Shame on them, as usual. As for the suggestion that the BBC is giving legitimacy to such thugs – not true. If a million people have voted for these bullies then it is the public who are giving them credibility and it is the fault of the politicians for being so odious as to force people to vote for the BNP.

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