Channel 5 Fakery : Kandahar Revisited …… NOT

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Channel 5 in the UK have launched what my Sky box says is a “New Series” in Air Force Kandahar. Its a welcome return of coverage of the fight in Afghanistan and from a slightly lighter perspective than, say, Ross Kemp’s series on Sky One. Indeed, the review of the original series on this site remains the most popular post on Babble Talk.

Somewhat disappointing, then, that this ‘new’ show proves to be a repeat of “Warzone” shown in January of this year. As failed to complete the showing of the original run, one can only hope they do so this time. More fool them for allowing their programming controllers to dress up and disguise what was already a popular documentary, which got withdrawn to make way for more US imported fare.

In this time of MP greed and Prime Ministerial ego, it is more important than ever that programme makers keep the fighting forces overseas in the minds of the public. Removing similar documentaries from the schedules for commercial reasons is short-sighted. As traffic to this site shows, we Brits remain refreshingly concerned about how the fight abroad is going – even if our self-serving politicians do not.

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