Chinese boredom – bloody great !

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No fireworks then at the Chinese Grand Prix this morning. Nice one Lewis. A processional race showed that the McLaren boy can be disciplined and focussed to take a useful victory in the face of considerable competition. Ferrari ran a great race with fun-loving Raikkonen yielding to Felipe Massa as expected and standing shoulder to shoulder with Hamilton on the podium. Memorable mentions again for Alonso and the Renault team (4th) with BMW Sauber coming in with a steady 5th and 6th – definitely the teams to watch next year.

All set then for Hamilton to achieve 5th or better in Sao Paolo on 2nd November against home-boy Massa. Patience and a steady pace will be needed, along with a fair wind in the face of dodgy marshalling, to bring Hamilton home as the youngest Formula One World Champion ever.

Can’t wait !

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