Comment: Cameron comes good ?

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It has been a busy blogging week with the Tory conference and, to me, a real sea-change in the Tory approach. The week started with a poor performance from Cameron against Andrew Marr on the BBC but, once into conference mode, the Conservatives seem to be getting it. Rather than just slag off New Labour and take personal pot shots at individual ministers, the Tories are starting to talk action. Some snippets of policy planning are coming through and, as a group, the Conservatives are rightly not sitting back and expecting the significant swing they need in the next Election to just come their way. More fluid now as they are up-front about the lack of a detailed manifesto (yet), sowing the seeds for more detail later.

I caught Cameron’s speech yesterday on the news and what a difference a week makes ! (and perhaps the absence of a probing interviewer). More about what they (the Tories) will do in power as opposed to carping on about the complete hash that Labour is making of it. Finally they are bold enough to assert that Labour is far from the caring crew that tradition had annointed them. This has long been my argument against, and my frustration with, the Blair approach which so far has not been tempered much by Brown. Any group which contains people describing the massacre of 9/11 as “….a good day to bury bad news…” has adopted an ethos which is beyond the pale. Could it be that the Tough, Toffish Tories become the Caring Conservatives ? It may be the stuff of which satirists dream, but so what ? I have long held that New Labourites do not deserve to be seen as the people’s party.

So enough about the party cultures; bring on the policies. Sorry to see my newest hero, Chris Grayling, making a huge gaff on the adoption by the Conservatives of Sir Richard Dannett. Oh well. I missed Grayling’s conference speech but I hope he will welcome Dannett’s presence, even if a peerage is the price tag. Someone who genuinely cares for his soldiers, Dannett is a former Chief of the General Staff (Head of the British Army) who has frequently been in vocal and public opposition to the Government on Afghanistan, and Defence Policy generally (I also missed Liam Fox on this – must catch up as I hope the Tories will provide some coherent plans and support our troops).

Now to see if Dave keeps the collective Conservative promise and starts to build and publicise their Manifesto for the 2010 Election. To the hustings …….

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