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….. leaving substance a distant memory ?

The latest self-serving nonsense from Hazel Blears in the UK shows the British political system for the sham it has become. The country has gone from the now-demonised Thatcher, skipping briefly through the well-meaning Major into style-over-substance Blair to ego-gone-mad Gordon ‘The Smile’ Brown. Political incompetence really is becoming the Best of British.

I am not referring to policies here but the way in which they are implemented. Whatever history and opinion says of Thatcher, the one thing she did well was to get things done. Many express disgust at what she was peddling but at least her government did what it said it was going to do. She managed the mandarins to make sure policy was actioned as published, even to her own demise. Poll Tax was universally loathed and ultimately caused her downfall. Whatever the rights or wrongs of that and other Thatcherisms, one did know they would happen largely as billed. With ‘new’ Labour, we have drifted into sound-bite bullshit, mostly concerned with managing the media and ensuring the public thinks what the government wants it to think. As to actually doing anything,  last week’s pronouncements are forgotten as Brown and gang just peddle whatever is needed to shore up their meagre political standing this week.

Naive it may be but what happened to the concept that MPs and the government were there to serve their employers – us ? Brown is not media-friendly. So what ? He cannot manage to do anything consistently and is a lousy manager of his team, his employees and indeed his media. Cameron appears to be cut from the same cloth. As he is very likely to succeed whoever usurps the arrogant Brown – non-entity Blears, ‘man-of-the-people’ Johnson or devious, double-dealing Harman – we can only hope the Eton Rifle has a less media-obsessed side and will actually get down to doing the work needed to make things happen. More, will he and the Tories pay attention to needs of the soldiers fighting abroad; avoiding ridiculous moral cock-ups like the way in which these PC pratts managed the Gurkha situation ? Will the Union – so weakened by the politically-correct codswallop of Labour yet badly needed to ensure a country with the community, scale and scope to ride the economic storm – survive ?

Bloody politicians. They pass laws to prevent directors from setting their own salary but cannot see the conflict of continuing to line their own pockets at our expense. Welcome to the Westminster Gravy Boat – like a train but slower and bigger and you can take more time filling your pockets as you go along. Oh and you can leave the ship’s crew to steer wherever they wish – the Captain is busy at the dinner table. Is that an iceberg I spy ?

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SimonMay 20th, 2009 at 8:01 am

And now the media catches up …………… more on the Speaker’s departure later but HOW can the press be saying this is an end to it ??? Fraud has been committed. ‘Ordinaries’ would get fired for less, and prosecuted for some. There should be a multitude of by-elections coming up – not just in Glasgow – and Inspector Knacker of the Yard should be feeling some parliamentarian collars !