Dawn Porter : The Polygamist’s Wife

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Caricature in a newspaper about Mormon polygamy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last-in-the-series of yummy Dawn Porter‘s stroll through the less conventional side of relationships saw her pop over to the good ole US of A to check out polygamy. I reviewed her Mail Order Bride show on Suite 101 and the Channel 4 series has continued to be interesting, if brief. I always imagined that America – land of the Mormons – did not frown on polygamy but it is in fact illegal over there. Our Dawn dug into a closed community and managed to drag out some motivations and defense of the practice. I think she established it to be no more than a patriarchal wet dream. Hilarious to hear the bloke who said he found it a challenge to keep his wives, er, satisfied. Otherwise, not a fun show – Porter continued in this episode to chip away at any pretence that a certain way of life is a magic potion for happiness – there were references to the nastier side of similar sects in the US which were in the news at the time of filming. Revealing.