eBay Global Shipping Programme – What a shambles !

Ah, how those money grabbers clever chaps at eBay come up with new schemes ! Yes – welcome to the eBay Global Shipping Programme. This is a new wheeze from those magnificent marketeers at eBay designed to help themselves to  more money, whilst they lay off all those pesky extra minions no longer needed. The programme enables sellers to sell anywhere around the globe and eBay will carry the load – for a fee, natch ! Wonderful – no more shipping blues or confusion. Fully tracked. Just get the seller to send the goodies into the eBay GSP depot. They will combine packages, adjust the costs and track it all the way to a satisfied buyer. Job’s a good ‘un.

Except, its not. Here is my tale of woe.

In I plunge, buying two sets of LiPo batteries for a thrifty £4. Yes, 4 of Her Madge’s Quids. Oh, and as I am buying something else from the same seller, I can use the cart mechanism to combine purchases and save money. Swell !

Oops – there “has been a problem” with my purchase and I can no longer use the cart. OK. I’ll process them separately and the seller can combine postage to give me a discount. Simples !

Er, not so. The charming seller advises me that, as shipping via eBay using the GSP,  we will have to wait for the final quote from eBay on shipping to advise of, and provide, any reduction in cost. I start to sweat a little as the postage via GSP is £18 – eighteen quid – for a £4 item. In fact, my total postage is £45.80 for items costing £46.21. Yup indeedy; a truly coffer-filling shipping overhead of 99%. You gotta love them apples, eh, eBay ?

Still, this whizzy new GSP service might be pricey but it does provide tracking details for all my items, does it not ?

Er, no. Tracking reference – Yes. Actual tracking data – No. Check these images out:

Ebay Tracking Info 1 2015-01-28 at 00.29.58 eBay Tracking Info 2 2015-01-28 at 00.30.11


And the picture stayed the same for the next 3 weeks – no tracking. In fact, no goods. In the end, I had to spend 2 hours of my time raising disputes with eBay to get my money back. Another winner for eBay and Paypal, though, who enjoyed the benefit of £100 of my money for over a month.


Rant over. Seriously, I would strongly recommend giving eBay a miss. Sellers might like to ask them for a cut of the markup they are charging for the GPS – it is a great idea and worth paying for as shipping is a frequent bugbear with online commerce. Shame is that eBay made sure they got their share before they got the service to work.