Facebook Videos Remove Restrictions On Violence

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

A disturbing state of affairs at Facebook is announced today in a BBC story on how the company will allow video clips of decapitation (and presumably other violent acts) to be published on its site. Worth noting that Facebook allows – indeed encourages –  users from the age of 13. In responding to concerns from the public, these fools attempt to defend their non-stance as a contribution to debate:

“… users should be free to watch and condemn such videos …”

Nice to see that Facebook can look into the minds of its users and understand their reactions, motives and feelings. This is nasty stuff,  and an absurd response from an organisation which clearly has no sense of the community which made and supports it. Facebook remain opposed to nudity, of course, but are quite happy to ensure that children can watch violent and bloody execution, ignoring any psychological damage that may result. I am a fan of both the Facebook service and a balanced approach to internet censorship, but such a position from a family-orientated and leading internet site is more than just incredible. The policy shift on Facebook videos by Zuckerberg’s troupe of idiots is frankly dangerous. I have written to them – not a simple exercise as their contact options are limited to reporting offensive content. Go figure ! – and will post up any response received.

Folks …
Please can you explain today’s story on the BBC that Facebook is allowing decapitation videos to remain on its site ? See the details here:
I would appreciate a response from you on how such a policy can be defended.
Thanks and regards

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SimonNovember 4th, 2014 at 5:02 am

No response as yet. I really am quite miffed by this organisation.