Formula One German GP Preview – Webber Wobbles The Field to Take Pole

Mark Webber spray
Image by Paul Genge via Flickr

It is yet another complete mix-up in the Formula One field ahead of today’s German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. OK, so Brawn and Red Bull are likely to be duelling it out again at the top but with both Hamilton and Kovalainen behind them on the grid, McLaren are back ! It may be that the McLarens are running very light into the race today but it is probably the smart move. If they can grab position from the 2009 regulars off the start, and the rain then threatens, McLaren could upset the new boys and take the day. The fact that both drivers showed excellent form after a rapidly changing qualifying session suggest the team have really pulled something out on the cars, helped of course by the mixed weather conditions and light-footed change of tactics during the session. Congratulations to Mark Webber on a long overdue pole position; removing the home-ground advantage from teammate Vettel. Webber’s steady return from major injury could make him the man to upset Jensen Button in the second half of the season. The nice thing is that most predictions are complete WAGs – that is what is making the season so compelling.

It really does threaten to be another classic race. The pit lane ego battle continues, sadly, whilst the drivers and engineers get on with the real business of entertaining the fans. In the unlikely event that the megalomaniacs take their heads out of the collective arse that is the FIA, they might actually notice that we have a competition that the fans dearly love and which is generating fantastic value for money. Bring on the rain.

Congratulations to Ross Brawn for his recent recognition as a significant contributor to the sport – well deserved.

(er, WAGs = Wild Arse Guesses !).

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