Formula One : The Abu Dhabi Anticipation Factor

Lewis Hamilton testing for McLaren at Jerez, 1...
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Vastly entertaining qualifying today presages what could be one of the most intense starts in Formula One for some years as the drivers’ championship goes down to the last race at the Yas Marina Circuit. Lewis Hamilton managed to avoid any stewards’ nonsense after a suspicious coming together with Massa in the final period of qualifying. Certainly Hamilton is a long shot to win the title but after the brilliance of England smashing the Aussies at Twickenham today, you have got to feel there is a chance the World Championship will stay in British hands.

So speedy Vettel resumes his usual place at the front of the grid, followed up in very very short order by Hamilton, leader Alonso,  an superbly on-form Button and second place contender Webber. The timings were very close and suggest McLaren are back on form against the Red Bulls. On the dusty side of the track, Lewis will be hard pushed to get ahead of the flying German but no doubt he will give it a go. Mark Webber – my choice for the title if Lewis can’t crack it – absolutely has to get past Alonso to have a chance.

A wonderful climax to a great season, assuming the stewards and Ferrari continue to play fair.