Garagesale on the App Store, reviewed

Garagesale is an eBay authoring and tracking tool for sellers. It is an interesting app and certainly helps streamline the eBay process. However, it is buggy and is not very intuitive. The registered version does not remove the developers’ tags as promised – although they did respond quickly to my query to say it would be fixed in the next version. The Media inspector does not refresh with available photos on your disk unless you restart the app. You cannot drag images onto the templates unless it is from the built-in Media library inspector. You need to create a separate Event to schedule an auction – you cannot do this within a template. The whole template versus event versus auction structure is not intuitive so you need to work through the (otherwise good) online videos and help guides to understand the flow.
The layouts are very good, though. Photo hosting and the events feature will save you a few pennies on eBay, depending on how you normally run your auctions. The dashboard widget is great (and free). I like it but can’t recommend it totally for the money. If you are a big eBay user and need to load up lots of auctions then it is worth it. Otherwise, I would wait for a newer version than 6.0.9, or just use the built-in eBay tools.