Google Introduces Handwritten Searching for Tablets

Google Offers Handwriting For SearchFair took me by surprise when I was asked by Google if I wanted to Try Handwrite when I was searching today on my iPad browser. Why not ? Gave it a try and quite sexy it is too. Worked a treat – I can write anywhere on the screen and the underlying ‘tech’ hosted on scans and inserts what it interprets as the associated text into the search box, automatically switching into the results pane. The OCR know-how is not perfect but not bad and it is surprisingly useful to enter search terms this way without typing on the virtual keyboard.

Google Reads Handwriting For Search

The experience was all the more intuitive as I had already taken to using an Endeavour hand stylus with the iPad for tapping away (and writing into apps such as WhiteNote). I could now switch straight into handwriting using my stylus ‘pen’ for searching. Well worth a play for tablet users – I am assuming Try Handwrite detects the source browser and device – in my case, Safari on the iPad – and offers the written option. Very slick.

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