Hidden gems of the web – the BBC Archives

BBC Television Centre
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Whilst researching TV schedules for an article, I came across the online archives for the BBC. There are some delightful recordings buried away here – free to listen to online. I checked out a broadcast from 1936 from the Second Officer of the Titanic, Commander CH Lightoller. Fascinating stuff and quite revealing when compared to, say, James Cameron’s Titanic from 1997 (at least in terms of the sequence of events and what really went through the minds of the ship’s officers and crew).

The BBC Archives include collections covering subjects from Doctor Who and Dads’ Army through to more cerebral stuff like the transformation of the USSR and the music of Liverpool and the Mersey Beat years. Worth a look. I hope that the BBC will do more to make historical programming content available online – this site is really just a taster and there must be a wealth of wonderful radio and TV history in their vaults.