Introducing Paul Henry To The Northern Hemisphere

Irreverant and controversial TVNZ Host, Paul Henry

I always felt we were particularly lucky in the UK when it comes to quirky, irreverent or downright rude celebrity figures. We can delight in a number of heroes in the fight against Political Correctness – Jeremy Clarkson being the champion of Middle Britain – whereas it seems our European neighbours and North American cousins tend not to celebrate their non-conformist pundits. Even Denis Leary got respectable.

I discovered a TV personality in New Zealand who seems to be their local equivalent; Paul Henry. Not to be confused with the actor who played village idiot, Benny, in UK 70’s soap cobblers, Crossroads, Breakfast TV Host Henry is a Kiwi, schooled in the UK, who returned to New Zealand and has had a lengthy media career littered with controversy. Hugely entertaining as a result of his blunt, insensitive or downright stupid observations, I almost broke my neck in a double-take when this guy came onto the TV one fine morning. He launched into an attack on a bunch of models walking a 1 kilometre long cat walk for a childrens’ charity by saying that some of them looked “too stupid” to be carrying children. I could not believe my ears and started watching his show every morning on TVNZ1. The next day, Paul was querying his view of the newsreader’s cleavage, whilst his sidekick Pippa looked on and cringed. In possibly the highest profile incident, Henry suggested “getting out the stanley knives” for prisoners in Afghanistan.

This guy has a long history of gaffes and the TV station seems to be permanently publishing apologies on his behalf. They don’t fire him, of course. No doubt he makes a massive contribution to their viewing figures. Whilst Paul Henry is no Clarkson or Paxman, he is certainly an event. Worth checking out on You Tube for some of Henry’s Top Gaffes. Intentionally or otherwise, the guy is hilarious.

UPDATE: was sent this recent Youtube clip of Paul accepting a Peoples’ Choice award. Watch it – it’s hilarious (warning: as with most Paul Henry content, contains material likely to offend those with little or no sense of humour !)

One of so many Paul Henry moments on You Tube ……


SimonOctober 15th, 2010 at 1:07 pm

Alas ! Farewell then, Paul Henry. Just one racist remark too many. Oh well.

End of a Kiwi Era ! The Peoples’ Choice etc etc.

SimonOctober 15th, 2010 at 1:12 pm

For those of you who missed it, Paul resigned from TVNZ last week as a result of the hubub surrounding him asking if the New Zealand Governor-General was even a Kiwi. The chap concerned – Sir Anand Satyanand – is Kiwi born and bred, just not of the hue that Paul preferred being of Indian grandparentage. Oops.