iPhone SMS vulnerability patched : Update iPhone OS 3.0 now

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The media rightly jumped on the first major vulnerability in the iPhone this week with reports that users’ devices are susceptible to external control by malicious use of an SMS weakness. Apple have responded quickly, not just with a patch but a complete download of the OS which all users would be wise to grab sharpish.

Security expert Charlie Miller published details of the hack via Black Hat and claims that Apple were informed over a month ago. As smug pundits proclaimed that Apple would take their time in plugging the hole, it is somewhat of a relief that the updates are available now. No doubt this will herald a rush of similar exploit attempts as the story puts the iPhone back in the headlines just months after the release of the iPhone 3G S and iPhone OS 3.0. I assume the crew at Cupertino are battening down the hatches for more revelatory hacks from the community. Still, there is no news like bad news.

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