Kawasaki withdraws factory from MotoGP for 2009

Following the announcement of the attempts to sell the F1 Honda Racing Team and the withdrawal of the Japanese marque from Formula One in December last year, comes the decision this week from Kawasaki to suspend racing operations

Motor Bikes Racing At Snetterton Scanned (16)

Motor Bikes Racing At Snetterton Scanned (16) (Photo credit: Martin Pettitt)

in the upcoming MotoGP championship. The withdrawal of one of the Big Four manufacturers from the series is major blow and shows how the global financial crisis is starting to shape motorsport. Kawasaki’s parent said that the team staff would effectively be re-allocated. Dorna – who own the MotoGP franchise – said in a follow-up from their CEO that Kawasaki will hopefully continue to be represented by the entry of privateers on Kawasaki equipment. This is a major downer for the MotoGP series, with the teams due to start official testing for the 2009 season in March. The first race is in Qatar on 12th April 2009.




ASHFebruary 13th, 2009 at 2:37 pm

its beginning to look like single manufacturer racing will become the norm if many more pull out.Either that or some manufacturers will have to join up to form teams.

SimonFebruary 13th, 2009 at 5:19 pm

Thanks ASH. Now THAT would be interesting. Imagine Honda and Suzuki teaming up ! I would love to be a fly on the pit lane garage wall for that one.