Lewis demoted : He woz robbed !

Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes Benz headquarters i...Image via Wikipedia Talk about taking the fun out of following your sporting heroes. Those muppets who are the race stewards at Formula One have now demoted Lewis Hamilton by adding 25 seconds to his official race time, moving him to an official 3rd place. This leaves him only 2 points ahead of Massa in the Drivers’ Championship. The FIA (or whoever actually made this ludicrous decision) handed a victory to Ferrari

Apparently, he gained an unfair advantage by cutting a corner. From the playback, looks to me like he had little choice and even yielded any advantage gained by allowing Kimi Raikkonen to resume his lead (OK, so Lewis zipped past him later but this had nothing to do with the cut corner).

Another Formula One travesty ! I think I’ll go back to World Superbikes and MotoGP 🙂

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