Looking past Christmas to that slimmer 2009 ?

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Welcoming the first in a series of articles from Dave Lewis, here are his top tips for fighting the flab after the holiday period. David is a CHEK and Poliquin-trained Personal Trainer based in the UK. Through his company, Elite PT, he offers planning, training and nutritional advice, as well as an advanced bio-signature service that teaches you some unique and effective tips in eliminating fat and keeping those pounds off.

We all make New Year’s resolutions and if yours is to lose fat, then there are a few things you need to consider if you are really going to succeed.

1. No bread, Pasta or sugar. I know all those celebrity-endorsed books will be telling you to eat a low-fat, high-carb diet, however they know as much about nutrition as they know about quantum physics – which of course, is absolutely nothing ! In most cases diets high in carbohydrates will make you fat, especially around the love handles and lower abdominals. The science behind this is perhaps too indepth for this blog but just try and cut the ‘bad’ carbs such as pasta, sugar, bread and cereals for two weeks and you will notice the difference.

2. The Power of the Cheat Meal
. Losing that Christmas weight does not mean you cannot enjoy a treat from time to time. We all love eating comfort food and, used properly, the occasional cheat meal has been proven to speed up the fat loss process. So once you have completed your two weeks of low-carb eating you can enjoy a cheat meal once every 5-7 days. Go mad and enjoy a little of what you like.

3. Train Smart. Running monotonously on a treadmill or slaving away on an Cross-trainer is not the ideal way to lose that Christmas fat. If you want to get rid of fat fast and keep it off, then a well-designed resistance-training program will have a far more positive effect on your metabolism (excessive aerobic exercise destroys muscle tissue decreasing metabolism). Of course I would say this, but a quick review with an experienced trainer can pay dividends in achieving what you really want from any exercise programme.

Have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy the New Year.

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