LulzSec Takes A Pop At The Sun And Hacks Website

LulzSec's hacked version of The Sun's website

Image by flashboy via Flickr


And yet more on the UK phone hacking scandal paralyzing the global media – still managing to divert attention away from the Euro meltdown and the US budget fiasco. Hacking fraternity LulzSec, which  allegedly hacked websites belonging to the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency, the US Public Broadcasting Service, Sony Corp, the CIA, NATO and several FBI-affiliated groups, has now turned its attention to News International. Visitors to – website of the UK’s Sun tabloid owned by the Murdoch stable – now get re-directed to the @LulzSec Twitter feed.

We have owned Sun/News of the World – that story is simply phase 1 – expect the lulz to flow in coming days

Far from “RIP LulzSec” , it is  “Viva La Revolution” for the hackers. Whilst it is never quite clear what is the motivation for very public security exploits, it seems general antipathy towards Murdoch and his minions shows no sign of abating. Collateral damage is escalating too with the resignation of the UK’s most senior copper Sir Paul Stephenson (at least the muppet in charge of the original, flawed investigation,  John Yates, has gone. Not before time. ). It is going to get worse – watch out for the attacks on other newspapers (the Mirror is already being targetted by the BBC) and Britain in general, as our national reputation – always a favourite for foreign nose-thumbing – heads down the toilet once more.

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SimonJuly 19th, 2011 at 1:50 am

Whoops !! Looks like they have taken out the DNS servers for NI sites:

… gets a DNS error. Must be costing hugely in terms of online ad hits / revenue loss.