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Hats off to the Daily Mail as it extends its right to be Britain’s Nastiest Newspaper by trying to steer media attention away from the News International Phone Hacking Scandal. Obviously not done out of any sense of cameraderie with its fellow journalists at the deceased News Of The World, as the owners of the Mail are reported to be planning their own Sunday print to cash in on the gap left by the naughty NotW. It also seems likely that the Daily Mail is somewhat deeper in the Phone Hacking mire than the NI titles. Fascinating stuff from the Tabloid Watch blog which makes a strong case for the police investigation to throw its, so far limited, net beyond the walls of Wapping. Of course, it’ll never happen. Would the Daily Wail’s foul-mouthed and sanctimonious editor, Paul Dacre,  have sanctioned any such activities ? One cannot imagine such hypocrisy amongst the Fourth Estate !

Operation Motorman identified 58 Daily Mail journalists completing 952 transactions with Whittamore (compared to the News of the World’s 228 transactions).

Meanwhile, devastated to hear that Rebekah Brooks has been arrested. Only 8 years after admitting to a House of Commons Committee that the newspaper at which she was editor (NotW) regularly bribed police officers. What a fascinating way to enforce the law we enjoy in the UK – a person is investigated based on the inverse of their ability to influence public opinion – even when they confess publicly.

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SimonJuly 12th, 2014 at 12:28 am

Finally … the world is standing up to Britain’s nastiest newspaper and the online bullshit machine that is Mail Online: Angelina Jolie is taking legal action regarding their publication of a dodgy video; George Clooney has just rejected a crocodile-teary apology about a derogatory story that was simply invented. Will people now wake up and avoid this horrid publication in all its forms !