MP Expenses – DON’T Stop now !!

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Comments are now filtering through from political commentators that we should stop “humiliating” MPs and that “enough is enough”. Utter rubbish from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the press on the scandal of MP expenses.

Allowing MPs to get away with tax avoidance, over-claiming and downright fraud is fundamentally wrong. Why should politicians be spared the law just because its all too awkward to bring them to book ? Keep the pressure on MPs to serve their constituents within the law, NOT to perpetuate the Westminster Gravy Boat. British democracy will emerge from this stronger.

More on this later but we MUST keep the pressure up. If this means that the majority of our 650 MPs must resign and force an election then I for one will rejoice. This will be a victory for democracy. The British political system will emerge renewed and with public servants employed by and for the people. No more professional politicians justifying tax-free expenses to furnish multiple properties and feather their own nests whilst avoiding their responsibility to serve their employers. Namely, us !

Challenge your local MP. Keep the pressure up. Stop the politicians from managing the media and get them to start managing the country and their own party miscreants.