New Statesman: Paul Dacre and The Daily Mail

Paul Dacre by Ralph Steadman

Paul Dacre by Ralph Steadman

Whilst I despise the Daily Mail and its editorial embodiment, Paul Dacre, as everything embarrassing about the British Press, there is no denying the paper’s popularity. It is worth checking out this informative piece on the rag’s editor-in-chief. Well balanced, the article by Peter Wilby – himself a former editor of both The Independent on Sunday and The New Statesman – is a great source for helping to understand why the Daily Mail is so popular, and how its online ego – MailOnline – became one of the world’s most popular news websites. An interesting read.



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SimonJuly 12th, 2014 at 12:30 am

Finally … the world is standing up to Britain’s nastiest newspaper and the online bullshit machine that is Mail Online: Angelina Jolie is taking legal action regarding their publication of a dodgy video; George Clooney has just rejected a crocodile-teared apology about a derogatory Mail story that was simply invented. Will people now wake up and avoid this horrid publication in all its forms !?

Check out the story from the BBC here :