Night time Grand Prix proves to be a corker

Diagram of Singapore Street Circuit.
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As just about everybody was hoping, the Singapore Grand Prix proved to be a highlight of the Formula One World Championship. Ferrari’s Massa looked really strong early on, having taken pole position with comparative ease, whilst Lewis Hamilton struggled to keep up in his McLaren. A spin-out crash by Nelson Piquet Jr. brought out the safety car and Ferrari fluffed the fuelling in fine style. Getting the green light from his pit crew, Massa sped off up the pit lane complete with a new mobile fuelling appendage. It cost him the race and any chance of points and the resulting muddle was resolved to give Renault’s Alonso the lead and then the race. Hugely deserved as he had driven brilliantly against the bigger teams all weekend, with our Lewis doing enough to come in 3rd and pick up points against a Ferrari team that came away with nowt.

As my learned mates who follow F1 pointed out, the penalty awarded against Massa and Ferrari for their pit lane cock-up was completely different to that metered out at the European Grand Prix for the same offence. How strange that he gets a drive-through penalty here (when he had no chance of winning the race) but only a fine in Valencia when the race was in the bag ?

Once again, the race stewards, the FIA and the sport generally show their either (at best) confusion or outright bias against McLaren. Still, the Ferrari faux-pas has probably cost them the constructor and driver’s championships. It may be too soon to call but, whilst he may not necessarily be the best driver on the track, Hamilton certainly represents the best combination of skill and equipment and deserves a change in his fortunes. 3 races to go to wrap it up.

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