The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

The Inbetweeners Movie

Expecting a klunge-tastic follow-on to the 2011 triumph, but feeling our age, we filed into a cinema populated exclusively by the Inbetweeners 2 target audience of a bunch of pubescent boys to grab a viewing. The lads hook-up to track down Jay (James Buckley) who is down-under (in so many ways) and livin’ it large – the usual Jay bullshit of course. King-dweeb Will (Simon Bird), granny-frigging Neil (Blake Harrison) and numpty Simon (Joe Thomas) – all looking about 5 minutes over 17 – are so fed up with their post-6th form continuation of being the founding members of the not-in-crowd that they head off to track down DJ Big Knob (er, Jay) in Sydney. Cue the usual tasteless adolescent humour that we have come to love from the Channel 4 spin-off.

Nudges !

The target audience – i.e. the rest of the cinema – did not titter once ! Yep,  the sequel was a bit of a let down generally but did have the two of us in tears on a few occasions. Not quite the pissing-ourselves score of its forebear but there were a couple of corkers. What made us laugh all the harder was that no-one else in the cinema did. Trying to stifle our giggles always makes it worse ! So, old puritanical fogies that we are, we did go laughingly bonkers when Will got chased down a water slide by Neil’s own production of Mr. Hanky. We wanted to, er, root for the boys when they help track down Jay’s long, lost fat bird. We cringed at Will’s awkward attempts to fit-in with a bunch of oh-so-correct backpackers and gagged at Neil’s heroic ‘shot’ at saving Simon in the desert. Oh, and fans of Will’s Mum (Belinda Stewart-Wilson) – like me – are in for both a treat and a terror-inducing ending.

Unfortunately, it takes a while to get going using what is a fairly weak script. Sure, the Pussay Patrol’s adventures ain’t ever gonna be Shakespeare, or even The Young Ones, but there is usually some element of cheering the four on as it all comes good (finar, finar, etc.). Sadly didn’t quite gel. Probably worth a look online, DVD or satellite when it comes round as – online rumour has it – this will be last outing for the fabulously fuckwitted foursome ever. Boo hoo. We all have to grow up in the end ……