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OK – so this subject is getting a fair bit of blogosphere babbling at the mo. Does not make it a bad idea, of course, so I thought I would chuck in a few words of my own on the matter.

A “Robin Hood Tax” has generally been taken to describe a tax on the Banks and, twitchy but mislead that we all are, it has not been embraced wholeheartedly. It may be seen as kicking them when they are down. Complete bollox, of course, and I am sure the righteous-indignation meter is starting to peak frequently. Background is that a minor campaign for a version of such a tax is starting to get twittered, blogged and generally pushed via the internet. A neat little video from Richard Curtis and starring Bill Nighy is doing the rounds – scroll down to watch it.

Sounds like a winner to me. A few fractional points on each Bank transaction that does not involve an individual – presumably sparing personal accounts but not so sure about company current accounts – would be applied. The video suggests this would raise over £100billion (I am guessing per year). With a £700billion plus public spending overdraft, this sounds like a cracking move.

I wonder which of the political bands of merry men will jump on this bandwagon first. Certainly the Tories need to do something sensible and quickly, as whichever idiot Cameron has advising him should be fired PDQ ! The Eton Rifle’s playground attacks on Brown of late smack of desperation – the public already knows what an egomaniac Brown is and they are looking to the opposition to provide some genuine policies. On this latest performance, Cameron Ain’t Cutting It. Today, I would not vote Conservative ….. and I actually want to. Go figure.

So, I await with interest a more thorough analysis of the Curtis/Nighy Robin Hood Tax proposal from wiser souls. If you spot a decent article then please add a link as a comment to this article. (Click on the article headline and scroll down the page to find the comments box).

Watch the video below:

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