Preview : Japanese Grand Prix

Go Lewis !

It’s looking extremely good for a gripping 16th round of this season’s Formula One World Championship at the Fuji Speedway in Japan. On a dry qualifying day with the track holding a hint of moisture, Lewis Hamilton put in a blinding lap in the closing stages of the final qualifying segment to take pole for McLaren. Teammate Heikki Kovalainen went against form to join the grid in 3rd, nicely sandwiching Ferrari‘s defending champion, laughing-boy Kimi Raikkonen. The real revelation was once again Fernando Alonso who threw his Renault round the track to secure 4th on the grid, making him the one to watch. Felipe Massa was relegated to 5th on the grid for Ferrari which adds to the challenge of making up the 7 point deficit on Hamilton.

Based on the qualifying pace, it bodes well for the entertainment value of the race itself. Hamilton reached this point last season with a 13 point advantage and was still pipped by Raikkonen by the close of the season. It is by no means in the bag for the Brit.

Die-hards in the UK will need to be up for 4:40 tomorrow morning to catch the race, repeated again at 3pm on ITV. Not sure if I am gonna make it out of bed for the live version 🙂

Go Lewis !

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