Red Bull Bounces Brawn at an atmospheric British Grand Prix

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Pit stops aside, Sebastian Vettel led all the way to take today’s British Grand Prix for Red Bull, followed by teammate Mark Webber, well ahead of Rubens Barrichello for Brawn who stepped up 3rd on the podium. Championship leader Jensen Button managed 6th as he struggled to get grip from a Brawn car eclipsed by the Austrians from, er, Milton Keynes. Jensen is still a comfortable 23 points ahead of Rubens in the table. McLaren’s misery continued as Lewis Hamilton put on a good show for the crowds despite sliding off and coming home in 16th, sawing at the wheel as he told his team that his car simply had no grip. Ferrari keep coming and Felippe Massa managed 5th whilst loving the drive on the British circuit, stepping into the crowds after the race to meet-and-greet.

A great crowd represented the local fanbase for the sport, including a sportsmanlike salute to the young Vettel’s win. The drivers were well in evidence after the race, mingling with the privileged pit lane crowd and freely talking to the media. Not sure if this was under team or FIA orders but suggested their collective affection for the Northamptonshire venue, now almost certain to be the home of next season’s British fixture.

Legard almost found his game commentating for the BBC but really should step aside for someone with more presence and knowledge. Good coverage otherwise with some interesting pre-race VT to fill in. Even the weather stayed good, possibly much to the non-Red Bull combatants’ ire. The off-track politics remain but one can only hope the mandarins and moguls took note of the fans’ presence to realise this is their sport (i.e. the fans) and, without them, there is no business.

A 3-week lull now until the Nurburgring hosts the German Grand Prix. Plenty of time for talk, and to kiss and make up.

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SimonJune 27th, 2009 at 5:46 pm

Not really my area, Michael. Love the music. Feel a tad sorry for the man, his mind and his life. Hate the fact that he could not rise above his difficulties to avoid exploiting or hurting others. Will still listen to his stuff but won’t comment more – others are already saying far too much about this twisted soul.