Despite perennial reports that old values diminish, manners are long-gone, and that ‘rememberance’ is an out-dated concept, it is heart-warmingly obvious that the British public continues to be deeply affected and concerned by the trials and losses amongst our armed forces. This site – forever devoted to the frivolous pursuit of Formula One, technology and the occasional political whinge – has as its most popular posts anything and everything associated with the latest news on our armed forces. The review of a TV series on Kandahar which is almost 2 years old remains its most read article.

Regardless of your political hue, it remains a point of pride that we British continue to remember and honour our heroes in the armed forces. Whilst its great that the media continue to use the word ‘anachronism’, continue to question whether people really care about a minute’s silence, and to ask whether the youth of today are at all aware of the meaning behind the poppy and Remembrance Sunday, the heartwarming answer continues to be yes.

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SimonNovember 12th, 2011 at 5:07 am

if I might just add …. to bring the story up to date ……. >>>> …….. FIFA, you really are a total shower