The Guard (2011)

Brendan Gleeson

Brendan Gleeson (Photo credit: Capital M)

Having heard a groundswell of positive comment regarding The Guard, I missed it at the pictures. It was only Air New Zealand’s in-flight fare which introduced me to Brendon Gleeson’s charming Garda chappie. Irish funding, together with a bunch of UK lottery dosh attracted the superb Don Cheadle, fulfilling the role of patient Yank-in-the-face-of-old-world-bollox. (Worth seeing in Hotel Rwanda – the stuff of Oscars, despite the actual choices of the AMPAS – and I still love his turn as Basher, the cheeky mockney fixer in the Oceans Eleven series). Worthy mention to Mark Strong who spins his usual Brit-nasty-villain role with homicidal aplomb. Great script too. Strong:”When I applied for the role of international drugs dealer, there was no mention of heavy lifting so you are on your own with those bodies ….“. Bloody Fab.