Tories take Norwich putting The Ego under Pressure

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No surprise in the Norwich by-election with Tory Chloe Smith snatching the seat from new Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski, who was brought in to run after the enforced resignation of Labour expenses scapegoat Dr. Ian Gibson. (Amidst much comment from locals in support of Gibson’s track record for the locals, Labour central office manage to, once again, snatch defeat from the jaws of a dwindling fuss on MP propriety).

New malcontents inevitably drift out of the woodwork that is the Labour backbenches. Kate Hoey cautiously criticising Brown on BBC Breakfast today, seeing a General Election rather than a leadership challenge being the next event to face the Prime Minister. Interesting to hear that dirty tricks from Labour were employed – a natural extension of their Leader’s approach to political life, it reflects what I have come to understand of Brown’s values.

Useful that Gibson’s outing has brought the expenses row back into the light. MPs must have been awaiting the slow and silent death of the story yet it remains my fervent wish that the pressure remains on the Commons to clean house. Will it happen ? Given the ridiculous nature of modern British politics, this seems unlikely. Laws and rules which apply to mere mortals are only enforced for the political ‘elite’ when the media glare rains down on it. Shame.

Business as usual, then. Worth keeping an eye on the press as well as challenging your own MP to ‘fess up. Continue to demand service from elected members. They must be made to realise that winning a seat is not like winning Big Brother. Far from guaranteed press attention, money and glamour, this is when their work actually starts. They would do well to remember it.

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