Windows 7 Beta ‘imminent’

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

With the CES show in full swing, so follows the hype campaign surrounding the next release of Windows, dubbed Windows 7 but probably not the official moniker. The main Microsoft website is sluggish and this may be as a result of the announcement that the Beta version is available for download. Search though I did, I failed to find it but it may be worth checking out the Microsoft blurb at the main Windows 7 preview site.

As I have commented before, Windows 7 is a much-needed revamp of the desktop operating system. Vista was so universally panned that Microsoft has its work cut out to wow us with something that is easy to use and introduces some genuinely new functionality. I am not hopeful although I did clock a video in an article from PC Pro that had a Microsoft girlie demonstrating the new touch capabilities – if these stand up to operational testing then my Toshiba tablet could be greatly enhanced by the new OS. I am trying to keep an open mind ! Honest.

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