Windows 7 Hits The Shops … and Your Wallet

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Microsoft have released the full retail versions of Windows 7 and have limited the offerings to 3 main versions. Upgrading from XP (or Vista for the unlucky) will cost a minimum of £80, rising to £200 for the ‘Ultimate’ version. Seems the extra 20 quid between ‘Professional’ and ‘Ultimate’ buys you the Microsoft BitLocker (backup utility) and language variants (35 alternative install options).

Credit to the Redmond mob for reducing the choice but the cost is astronomical. Compare it to the £25 required to upgrade Apple’s Mac OS X operating system to the latest ‘Snow Leopard’ variant and you can see the muppets at Microsoft may have snatched commercial suicide from the jaws of necessity. Will individuals be prepared to spend £80 minimum to upgrade from the steady XP ? Those unfortunate enough to be stuck on Vista may well feel forced to do so. Seems unlikely without considerable coercion or benefits to be gained from Windows 7.

More on Windows 7 to follow, as I run the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor to see what it recommends in terms of versions and hardware on my Samsung N110 Netbook.

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