WordPress : WPAU makes it as easy as 2 6 3

Image by dmeemai via Flickr

From my earlier articles on upgrading WordPress to 2.6.1, the WPAU (WordPress Automatic Upgrade) has really come into its own since that version. Ignore what is says on the plugin page – it IS compatible with 2.6.3 as my upgrade from 2.6.2 showed. It was a snap. The plugin takes you through each step – including file and DB backups – with complete control to the user; you only proceed if you wish to.

One quirk was during the last stage but one – WPAU asks you to click on a link to check if your DB needs upgrading. Clearing the DB result page takes you to your blog which, if you have not completed the remaining stages of WPAU, will bring up errors as the plugins have not yet been activated. So don;t panic when you get a pageful of “Unknown function” errors. Simply comlete the WPAU process to re-enable the plugins (its the last step).

Recommended ! Makes WP upgrades an absolute breeze and accomplished in 2-3 minutes if you exclude the download time for the backups :-). I wonder whether this will work for the new 2.7 variant when it is launched ??? Hope so.

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